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two zero zero zero zero years old it’s not a joke it’s my life

artificial intelligences walk and robocall among us

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more glitch art

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glitch art

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if you’re still following my dumb tumblr after all of my inactivity, you have a lot more patience than I do. thanks!

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Can we all take a moment to appreciate the loading screens in Spec Ops: The Line

If you like video games and critical thinking, you should play Spec Ops:The Line. And don’t spoil yourself if you don’t know what happens/what it’s about.

Photo 17 Apr I liked Frozen but I like mocking things more <— source

I liked Frozen but I like mocking things more <— source

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pepperoni is a pizza topping

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Super Bowl pun off

This is my favourite thing about the Super Bowl.

A lot of credit goes to Alex.
He’s one of the best pun men I know and was killing it in that exchange. His responses came so fast. And he’s the guy who gifted me the horse mask in the first place.

Bad puns make me hot to trot

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